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If the external and internal attention is characterized by the distinguished consciousness orientation, the attention any, and postany differs on the basis of a for the purpose of activity.

Storing — process of imprinting in consciousness of the arriving information in the form of images, thoughts (concepts), experiences and. Distinguish involuntary (inadvertently and (purposely storing.

Involuntary storing is carried out as if itself, without deliberate desire to remember something. It not by installations or the purposes, and features of objects and an of the person to them. That bright impression is so usually remembered, caused strong and deep a.

Involuntary reproduction happens though without any intention, usually not by itself. As a push to an involuntary some reasons causing associations usually serve.

Any irritant becomes a subject of involuntary attention. At all surprises the attention for short term. But any attention to keep and is long when perception of a subject, even thought about is mute causes a keen interest, by positive emotions of pleasure, surprise, a, etc. So the can rivet attention of pupils, it is interesting, emotionally, with an invention the conducting lesson. It means that the involuntary attention can be caused specially, for the purpose of achievement of positive result of a, in this case a lesson.

It is not necessary to mix switching of attention with derivation which is expressed in involuntary transfer of a of consciousness on something another or in decrease in intensity of a. It is shown in short-term fluctuations of attention.

Distribution of attention — property thanks to which performance of two or more actions (kinds of activity) at the same time, but only in that case when one actions of a for the person are also carried out though under control of consciousness, but is considerably automated.

Is called as memory storing, preservation and a of that the person perceived, thought, worried or did once, i.e. reflection of last experience, circumstances of life and activity of the personality.

In the course of training and education, activity and communication at the person properties of attention, its types develop, their rather steady combinations (individual ­ the features of attention caused as well type of system) are formed on the basis of which attentiveness as property of the personality is formed.

Involuntary storing can be effective if it is included in active cerebration. For example, the in some cases does not learn specially the text of a role, and it during rehearsals which main goal consists not in acquiring words, and in getting used to an image. The leader for the person is any storing. It arises and develops in the course of communication of people and work.

Reproduction which by means of strong-willed efforts and consciously put ­ is called any. The main feature of such reproduction is the realized motive. A kind of any is the pripominaniye. This conscious, reproduction demanding specific tension for overcoming of internal difficulties.