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The equipment of a cave for excursion visit assumes stay in a cavity of a large number of tourists. Presence of the person undoubtedly influences a condition of the microbiological environment of a cave. The maintenance of these microorganisms in cave air increases, but microorganisms, pathogenic for the person, it is not revealed today.

Further control of a condition of a microclimate of a cave is necessary for creation of a complex of security actions for its protection and similar caves which will be equipped subsequently not only on Chatyr-Dag, but also in the territory of the CIS.

The humidity course in a transitional zone in roughly smoothed look repeats the humidity course on a surface, it practically does not influence that in internal zones of a cave in any way. On daily and it is possible, the seasonal course of humidity in internal parts of a cave does not influence also the course of this meteoelement surfaces, and also change of pressure.

For control of the mode of humidity and temperature in excursion galleries of a cave calculation and definition of optimum excursion loading is necessary for each excursion route separately. As they are various on the extent and duration of stay in them of excursion groups. Special observations have to be made behind influence of power of electric lighting devices on heating of a surface of natek and walls of a cave.

Sampling of soil was carried out by the standard technique, in sterile sacks. After delivery of tests in laboratory were defined humidity of samples, a series of consecutive cultivations from tests of soil prepared and crops were carried out in a known way, control of a microbiological situation was carried out in ekliktivny environments:

Understands intervention elements as a result of the equipment as the anthropogenous factors having impact on a microclimate of a cave and on her physiographic environment in general the author and operation of a cave as touristic site.