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From the accelerated methods more widespread it is considered a method of the accelerated reduction of residual cost and a cumulative method. The big difference between three accelerated methods allowed for use by PBU-7 is not present. Their main difference consists in rates of depreciation. Rate of depreciation at the initial stage of use of fixed assets will be higher. If to apply a method of reduction of residual cost.

Account of balance (residual) cost of OS of group 1 was kept on each separate structure, a construction or their structural components and in general on group 1, as the sum of balance costs of separate objects of such group.

- acquisition, repair and modernization of passenger vehicles only by legal entities, which primary activity providing paid services with transportation of foreign citizens (taxi parks) and granting passenger vehicles in rent (hire) to foreign citizens and the organizations is;

- acquisition of OS and intangible assets for own production use, including costs of acquisition of breeding animals and acquisition and cultivation of long-term plantings by the beginning of fructification;

The main means - buildings, constructions, the equipment, transport – are the integral condition of implementation of economic activity. Distinctive feature of fixed assets is the long time of their use. Gradual wear and transfer of cost on prime cost of again created product (the made production, the performed works).

Depreciation of separate object was carried out on reaching it the balance cost of 100 not Regions of minima of the income of citizens. Its residual cost was written off in structure of gross expenses, and the cost of such object equaled to zero.

In use fixed assets, keeping the initial physical form, gradually wear out (physically and morally), transferring to parts the cost to prime cost of again created product. Fixed assets are subject to physical wear both in the course of their use, and at their not use.

Situation (standard) 7 does not extend on the restored natural resources and operations with fixed assets which features are defined by other provisions (standards) of accounting.

At a conclusion from operation of object, its balance cost =0 for depreciation. Depreciation was not charged. At return of object after reconstruction – expenses on its reconstruction are included in its new balance price.

For implementation of economic activity each enterprise has necessary economic means – structures, the equipment, cars, materials, money which are formed at the expense of the relevant sources (contributions of founders, profit, borrowed funds, etc.).