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The third and fourth phases - a break and inertia - are connected with falling of a passionarity of system. This recession within the II century BC - brought Rome lying on the suburb of an ethnolandscape area of superethnos to the first place II century. In an inertial phase of ethnogenesis the antique civilization - Pax Romana - as result of ethnogenesis of the Classical antiquity was created.

Dissipative structures can be divided on temporary, spatial and existential. Examples of temporary structures are periodic, oscillatory and wave processes. Typical examples of spatial structures are: crossing of the laminar current in turbulent, transition of the diffusive mechanism of transfer of heat to the convective. Characteristic examples: turbulence, Benar's cells and superlattice of a time.

Emergence of macroscopic structures is caused by the birth, under the influence of large-scale fluctuations, collective types of the movement (, their competition, suppression of one and development of what are most adapted to these conditions. Similarity of processes of emergence of dissipative structures to phase transitions in equilibrium systems gave the grounds to call them nonequilibrium (kinetic) phase transitions. The formal community of kinetic and equilibrium phase transitions is in the cooperative nature of process caused by that in the system possessing infinite number of degrees of freedom there is one or several such which change subordinates to itself change of the others.