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The name of the Athenian Leokhar is connected with two axiomatic works: "Apollon Belvedersqui" and "Ganymede kidnapped by an eagle". Refinement and Apollon's showiness brought into admiration of the artists of the Renaissance considering by its standard of classical style. Their opinion was supported then with authority of the theorist of neoclassicism I. Vinkelman. However in the XX century art critics ceased to share delights of the predecessors, finding at Leokhar such faults as theatricality and a vyloshchennost.

The end of the V-IV century - the period of stormy spiritual life of Greece, formation of idealistic ideas of Socrates and Platon developing in fight against materialistic philosophy of Democritus, and emergence of the doctrine Kinikov.

Blossoming of idea of a panhellenism in the IV century usually is connected with Isokrat. But if to understand the term "panhellenism" more widely, not as unity of Greeks in the face of Persia, and unity in general, it is necessary to mention and Demosfena. The speaker constantly pointed to dissociation of policies in front of Macedonia, their general enemy, to those irreversible consequences to which she can lead. Referring to a historical and cultural community of Greeks, he called for association and oblivion of contentions.

Emergence of the sophistical movement is connected with the general complication of structure of society. They played a big role in spiritual revolution in the Greek society in the middle of the V century as a result of which in the center of philosophy there is not a world, and the person.